Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 2011 Update

You will find two new additions to Spirit Boat. One is an Overview of Finnish Shamanism, which is in the  tabs at the top of the blog, or click here. I synthesized information from a number of sources to give a broad, while not deep introduction to the shamanistic tradition that began in ancient times in Finland. It will provide the basis for additional explorations in the future.

A second addition to Spirit Boat is a fanciful tale by Kathryn A. Laity that you can find in the Recommended Links area to the right, or click here.  It is “Sinikka Journeys North (tale of a Tietäjä)".  It is evocative of the special place that the tietäjä held in the life of a community and the richness of the Finnish folk culture.   It also highlights the fact that many women held this important role.

An upcoming post that I am working on concerns the true story of how a number of people from the Savo area of Finland, some of whom were versed in the skills of the tietäjä, were transported to the backwoods of Delaware in the 1600’s.  There they worked closely with  Lenape (also called Delaware) First Nation people. 

Below is the notice of a presentation that I will attend on January 31, if all goes well. I am eager to hear about the shamanistic tradition of the Annishinabe First Nation.


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